QualiNeuroRehab : l'application digitale tout en un pour organiser la réhabilitation des jeunes patients atteint de cardiopathie congénitale

Quali Neuro Rehab:  Neurocardiac rehabilitation program for patients born with congenital heart disease.

An All-in-one web app that provides: Digital companion to support patients at home, Patient follow up tool to manage care pathways, and Data collection and analysis tool to foster research 

Quali Neuro Rehab is a Neurcardiac rehabilitation program developped within the CHU Bordeaux by Pr. Pascal AMEDRO and his team. Anamnèse is proud to be part of that thrilling project and implement the All-in-one app.

Willing to know more about the project, and the technology behind, leave your details aside, and our team will revert to you as fast as they can.


🎬 Watch the VIDEO (2min)